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explore the new characters of the spices that you're familiar with

encounter the contemporary oriental interior that we brought to life

engage with your loved ones an unforgettable bazaar evening

the spice bazaar impression

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1001 nights in 21st century

inspired by the mysterious scenes from the 1001 nights, the spice bazaar is a celebration of grandioseness, warmth and colours. well curated decoration pieces and interior design aim to bring you the modern interpretation of the sultan's palace.

spice it up

as the name suggests, spices are the major part in our kitchen, we are passionate about marrying mediterranean cuisine with the spices from the east. we stand on the crossroad of cultures and traditions, a true bazaar for spices and inspirations.

made for sharing

family sharing food -
to give you a great dinner experience we've created our menus to share.
all dishes will be placed central on your table.
time to share - time to enjoy together

see our inspiration

#journey #architecture #organic #colourful

see the world from a different perspective

we've traveled to many places to bring the concept of the spice bazaar to life. our motivation is to show you the world from a different perspective through the vivid kitchen.

spice from the whole world

pul biber, sichuan pepper, harissa, nigella, caraway... we're eager to discover spices from the whole world and find out the best way to let them shine in our dishes. every spice has a culture to narrate.

interior with oriental flair

colour, gold, light and shadow. oriental architecture and design inspired us to make the spice bazaar as you see it. elements and motifs from the orient constantly remind us of the beauty of the multicultural world that we're living in.

soft, edgy, laid-back

the spice bazaar is a place to relax and enjoy. the warm and soft interior embellishes the edginess of contemporary architecture. it's elegant, cozy and laid-back.

our best answer to nature

we're strict with the quality of our products. organic and biodynamic products are used in our dishes. organic and biodynamic wines fill our wine list. we act in this way because we love our nature.

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